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PB Inspector

A capability rich, easy-to-follow mobile inspection application for residents and administrators to document the condition of a rental unit. PB Inspector works with all PropertyBoss installations whether Hosted or Self-Hosted.

Mobile Inspection App

Easy. Convenient. Efficient

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Manage inspections on your mobile device

Perform a mobile inspection of your rental unit through the convenience of our PB Inspector application. Easily capture unit conditions on any customizable template. Add supporting pictures along with comments and automatically create repair work orders and enter billable amounts. The seamless integration with PropertyBoss creates an efficient and comprehensive inspection process for residents and administrators.

  • Unlimited Smart Template support for move-in, move-out, interim, health/safety or other inspections
  • Customize your instructions, terms of use, and sign off agreements
  • Enter repair comments and automatically create repair work orders in PropertyBoss
  • Enter billable amounts that generate charges in PropertyBoss
  • Inspection inputs captured on location are synced with PropertyBoss
  • Completed inspections can be viewed on Resident Portal

Key Functionality

  • Residents can self-inspect
  • Inspections can be outsourced to third-party vendors
  • Standard conditions of Good/Note/Repair/Billable or create your own
  • Unlimited rooms and items
  • Customizable instructions for terms of use, and sign-off agreements
  • Unlimited pictures per inspected items
  • Display map and directions to property
  • View move-in condition when executing a move-out inspection
  • View contact names, phone numbers, email addresses and more for all occupants and owners
  • View completed inspections on Resident Portal

The way mobile should be

  • Works in areas without a cellular or wireless connection
  • Synchronize data in PropertyBoss with a cellular or wireless connection
  • Unlimited number of inspections
  • Seamless integration with PropertyBoss
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Full integration with work order system and resident billing

The PB Inspector mobile inspection application offers seamless integration with PropertyBoss work order system allowing automatic creation of repair work orders when submitted. Repair instructions can also be included and assignments can be made automatically to vendors. The mobile application provides an integrated feature for resident billing which allows for automated bill creation with the capability of itemizing a list of damages on the bill. Split billing is also available for suite mates.

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