Virtual Assistant

Everybody can use a Virtual Assistant. Complete your property management admin needs quickly and easily with Planet Synergy’s experienced virtual assistants. They can help with data entry and processing, accounts payable and marketing, as well as, uploading your media to PropertyBoss.
Daily Tasks
  • Process and upload vendor invoices, utility bills to your property management software
  • Process work orders and contact tenants via email to verify the completion of maintenance requests
  • Send out maintenance completion surveys to tenants
Monthly Tasks
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Run owner reports and save them (for all web based property management software we save reports on your server or cloud-based storage)
  • Run lease expiration reports – email tenants and owners lease expiration letters
Yearly Tasks
  • Run year-end reports and email them to owners
  • Generate 1099s
  • Upload 1099s to owner portals
Rent Week Tasks
  • Enter rent payments received via checks, money orders and credit cards
  • Run RentRoll reports
  • Process late fees in your property management software
  • Email late fee notices to tenants
  • Email demand letters to tenants
Tenant Prospect Tasks
  • Process applications: ensure application fee is received, forward to screening company, upload prospective tenant info to your property management software
New Tenant Tasks
  • Create lease agreements, move-in-inspections, pet exhibits, HOA agreements for lease signing and send agreement via online signature service to tenants
  • Enter tenant information in property management software
  • Upload lease agreements and other documents to your property management software in the owner and tenant portals.
  • Enter security deposit, first month’s rent, pro-rated rent and process leasing fees after the tenant information is entered in your property management software
  • Set-up auto charges for monthly rent payments
  • Set-up late fee details
  • Email move-in checklist to tenants
Owner Prospect Tasks
  • Enter prospective owner information in property management software
  • Email prospective owners about services offered, along with sample property management agreement
New Owner Tasks
  • Email welcome package and checklist to new owners
  • Create management agreements
  • Enter owner and property information in property management software after the management agreement is signed
  • Upload management agreement in the property management software’s owner portal section
  • Activate owner portals
  • Upload W-9s in owner portals
  • Set-up management fee details in your property management software
Marketing Tasks
  • Resize and watermark photos for marketing
  • Upload property videos on your YouTube channel and tag the videos with relevant keywords for increased visibility in online searches
  • Enter property information in property management software – photos, descriptions, directions, videos
  • Market properties on various marketing websites
  • Perform weekly audits on rental properties and update information
Tenant Move-Outs
  • Audit the tenant ledger and email the total amount due tenants.
  • Process tenant move-outs and return security deposits
  • Create rent-ready checklist and email to leasing agent/property manager
Home Owner Association
  • Process invoices, create agenda packets and meeting minutes
Filing and Organizing
  • Help you get organized and file all of your documents on your server or cloud-based storage.
  • Help minimize paperwork by digitizing and saving documents.

And even better? The services of a Virtual Assistant can scale with your business as it expands.

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